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CMHA Singapore


City Mental Health Alliance Singapore


The City Mental Health Alliance Singapore (CMHA SG) is a not-for-profit membership organisation.  We believe that the workplace has an opportunity and a responsibility to protect, support and create positive mental health for their people so that they can thrive.

Our vision is to create mentally healthy workplaces and inspire health creation in businesses.

We work with senior business leaders and HR professionals in member organisations and other partners to advance awareness, develop required skills and literacy, and integrate good practice into business operations.


1 in 7

people in Singapore has experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime

7 in 10

believe that people with mental health conditions experience stigma and discrimination in their daily lives

9 in 10

believe that there is a need to adopt a far more tolerant attitude towards people with mental health conditions


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Join the CMHA community to accelerate your organisation's journey to building a mentally healthy workplace. Contact us to find out about membership.

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